Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Why Are Online Reviews Important

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Online reviews can play a crucial role in building trust, reliability, and credibility for your business. Whether you run a locally-owned enterprise or an online company, having reviews can benefit your firm.

Here, we will look into the importance of online reviews for your company or the products/services you offer.

Increase Sales with Online Reviews

As per a research study published in Bright Local on January 26, 2022, 87% of consumers are more likely to purchase products/services based on an online review. Similarly, this report showed that businesses that participated in the study found an 18% increase in sales due to reviews.

Therefore, it is apparent that online reviews can act as social proof that builds trust in your customers. It can alter their decisions and encourage them to purchase your products/ services. Through this, you can increase lead generation, which is a factor leading to a growth in revenue generation too.

Improve Your Visibility on the Search Engine

Customer reviews on Google My Business, different social media platforms, Yelp, and others can impact SEO and SEM. It is because search engines function by using various algorithms that help them to sort and rank websites. Here, they rely upon the uniqueness of the review and the number of people who have reviewed the items.

Similarly, Google Analytics can also index products based on the keywords present in the reviews. Therefore, with genuine reviews, search engines like Google, Bing, and others will improve the visibility of your products, services, or company.

Akin to that, if you have a traditional business, reviews aid you with local SEO. It is a factor that can be helpful for Map-based search in showing results registered in Google Business.

Enhance Your Service with Reviews(Both Positive and Negative)

Some of you might consider that negative reviews can harm your business. But, it isn’t always the case, as they can be learning curves too.

You can take them as suggestions and feedback on your product or service. And you can use them to identify and rectify any flaws if they are present. Here, you can interact with your customers directly and acquire more clarity on their dissatisfaction.

According to a study published by Spiegal Research Center, having negative reviews can improve conversion rates by 270%. It is because most people search for negative reviews on a product or service before they purchase it. Through this, you can also bring in transparency with your customers.

Build Customer Engagement

77% of customers decide to exit before providing a review after purchasing a product or service. But, when you can acquire feedback from your customers, you can bring in engagement and open a conversation. It can help your business, especially when a customer has left a negative review. Apart from that, you can expand your customer base as well with the right strategies.

Therefore, with online reviews, you can take a step ahead in progressing your business, its sales, and generate higher revenue. Hence, it will be beneficial to include methods to prompt your customers to leave feedback after purchasing your product or service.

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