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Did you know that what customers say about your business is weightier than what you say? Regardless of how great you think your services are or how honest your message is, product reviews are one of the best sales tools.

Studies show that over 70% of potential consumers examine product reviews before making a purchase decision. The study also indicated that 63% of consumers are likely to buy from online stores and sites with product ratings and reviews.

Customer reviews are very valuable to your organization and product. Google has also recognized the value of customer reviews by including the quantity and quality of reviews in its local ranking algorithm.

If you have been pushing better reviews for your business to the background, you could be missing out on potential leads. Consider just one fact: 88% of potential customers view and trust online business reviews like personal recommendations. Here are valuable tips on how to get better reviews for your business.

Put the reviews in front and at the center.

When designing your homepage, consider placing some reviews on your homepage. You could even dedicate a new page for housing starling testimonials for your business. If your customers review specific items, ensure you publish them on that product’s page.

Join your customers’ favorite social media sites.

If you want instant honest feedback, dive into social media by making your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts accessible from your store. This way, your customers can easily reach you with comments and questions.

Follow up with customers.

Most businesses have mastered the art of email marketing by sending follow-up emails after a purchase is made. If customers realize that you still remember them, they are more likely to give your business an excellent review.

Contact customers who leave you awesome reviews.

If a customer leaves you a glowing review, say thank you. You could also follow up and socialize with these customers. Ask them for permission to publish their recommendations on your social media pages or site.

Do not ignore negative reviews.

Negative customer reviews can be a good thing since they help you identify growth areas. At Only Best Reviews, we help you filter the bad and good reviews, enabling you to publish the good ones on-site and use the negative ones for internal learning.

Ask the right questions.

You can know the right questions to ask if you know the answers you are looking for. The questions should address your target audience’s interests and concerns before purchasing. You will likely get relevant and meaningful reviews if you address these concerns.

Include the name and picture of the customer on their testimonial.

Publishing your customers’ testimonials with their names and photos on your site is an excellent way of saying thank you. It also improves the credibility of their reviews and encourages other customers to review your business.

Provide customers with a reason to review

You could do simple things like writing a personalized appreciation note for your customers. It looks simple, but the gesture can go a long way in creating a warm emotional connection and customer loyalty.

Get the right tools

Having the right review tools will enable you to gain control of your online reputation. Only Best Reviews is one such tool that helps you publish your starling reviews and keep the negative ones for internal learning and improvements. With our 14 days free trial, you can taste the success of this tool before committing to our affordable plan.


We cannot overemphasize the benefits of business reviews. Customers want to be sure that a product works and will solve their problems before purchasing, and business reviews provide that surety. Therefore, invest in customer review and convert leads into customers.

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Do You Want To Boost Your Online reputation?

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